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More than just candid photos

LIILY GYAL – More than just candid photos

Recently, one of my best friends has been taking photos for my collaborations with brands. While they’re a lot better than what my brother used to take (lol), what I’m loving are all the candid photos she’s taken.

As a blogger here in Guam, I oftentimes struggle to find friends to help or other bloggers willing to collaborate to take my photos. And to be quite honest, I don’t have the money to pay for a professional photographer. Because of those hurdles, I became used to taking my own photos as selfies or setting up my phone with a Bluetooth remote and tripod.

Used to what I see

As a result, I’ve become so used to seeing “posed” photos of myself. I know how to angle my face; fix my hair; look at the camera; and smile or smirk with that little twinkle in my eyes to get that perfect shot.

Normally, most people would delete unsavory photos of themselves. Whether it’s a wonky eye, double chin or belly roll you can’t Photoshop out, those photos would never see the light of day for public consumption.

But I didn’t want to delete my candid photos.

Not a love handle or double chin, or all the weird faces I make that I wasn’t aware of… I don’t want to delete any of them because I’m so in awe with seeing myself in others’ eyes. I loved seeing how I look when I laugh freely or even just looking off at a distance, instead of holding my body in a posture that makes me look curvier.

Sometimes, as a person who puts herself out there by blogging, I catch myself worrying about the most minute details about my appearance. I worry and wonder whether anyone will notice that my eyebrows aren’t perfectly filled; how much weight I’ve gained over the years; or if my face looks too wide – the list goes on! By the time I’m satisfied with the final selfie, I’m 60 photos deep in the camera roll.

Why is that?

Genuinely happy

My best friend, Sheryl, took this photo of me while we were having lunch at Proa. Mind you, I wasn’t ready at all. I was in mid-laugh, unaware that the camera was on me until I looked up and then reacted by trying to cover my face.

Right before that moment, Sheryl and I were eating. We were catching up on everything that’s happened since I last saw her at my birthday booze cruise. We share the same humor, so we were constantly laughing. It actually was the most I’ve laughed in a while.

Later that night, she sent me this photo, saying, “You look so happy.”

And she’s right. With good food and good company, I was very happy.

LIILY GYAL – More than just candid photos

Awkward beyond words

Sheryl also took this photo of me at Dusit Thani Resort. I don’t exactly remember what’s going in this photo. (Haha!) I think I was telling Sheryl that I needed to feature more of the kimono’s print and that was my pose in achieving it. And once again, we laughed uncontrollably.

Am I vogue enough?

LIILY GYAL – More than just candid photos

Go easier on yourself

As I transition closer to my 30s, I’m not as serious or as hard on myself with regard to my physical appearance. I’m more forgiving of a visible belly outline or a double chin peeking through. Basically, I place less emphasis on capturing society’s version of perfection because it’s just impossible to achieve, and in my opinion, non-existent. There’s no perfect height, weight, skin tone, hair type, eye color – you name it.

Do you have any candid photos you would like to share? Leave them in the comments below or tag me on Instagram. I’d love you to see ’em!



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