Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

LADIES. This. Is. Your. Chance.

Let’s cut to the chase: PinkBlush is waiting on you with a 40% discount code for Cyber Monday! To make it even easier, the code is simply “CYBERMONDAY”! And not only that, but they’re hosting a giveaway for a $75 gift card! All you have to do is follow @shoppinkblush on Instagram. Literally. That is it!

Ever since I started collaborating with PinkBlush, I’ve received non-stop compliments on how gorgeous the prints and styles were – but I’ve also been told (by some) that they are too expensive. But again, NOW is your chance – that’s almost half off the full price!

And if you’re new to what PinkBlush has to offer, here’s some quick info: PinkBlush is a trendy online boutique that carries straight and plus sizes that cater to women in all stages of life, especially maternity. If you’d like to check out some of my reviews on their products, you can check them out here, here, here and here. Lastly, for sizing reference, I’m 5’9” and wearing 3X.

Daily steal

One of the Daily Steals featured for Cyber Monday is this navy blue, neon floral hooded plus top. This is currently my favorite thing to wear when it’s chilly/rainy out with a pair of athletic leggings and slides or sneakers. I also love wearing this when I teach outdoors because the long sleeves and hood provide adequate protection for my arms and head from the glaring sun. Also, the fabric is thin and breathable enough to wear in Pacific heat.

The floral portion is not stretchy while the navy blue parts stretch. The piece, as a whole, is a little loose, but I think that’s fine considering the front florals don’t stretch. Overall, it allows me to move comfortably without fear of ripping the garment.

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

Soft yet strong

This dress encompasses everything I want in clothing: dark and floral. I was absolutely swooning over it at first glance. This black floral print plus wrap maxi dress features a very familiar wrap feature that PinkBlush is popular for. I would pair this with pearls and silver-toned jewelry, and definitely keep the hair flowing! I also would apply soft rosy tones for makeup. Light and slight minimal are keys.

The hues of pink and lavender for the floral print is so soft and feminine, so it’s a very nice balance between strong (black as the main color) and soft. The material is stretchy and lightweight for a maxi dress, so you won’t feel weighed down. For me, it cuts perfectly at the ankles and my arms don’t feel constricted.

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

Sweater season

The island girl inside me couldn’t help but pick up this navy blue hibiscus floral V-neck plus sweater. Tropical flowers and leaves get me. Every. Single. Time. And I don’t have an ounce of shame either. Not only that, but its main color is navy blue – one of my favorite colors to wear! I don’t have this, yet, but I do want to pair this sweater with white jeans, pants or leggings. It’d make a nice contrast between the dark top and light bottom.

The fit is very true to size. Personally, I am all for V-necks, so to have that feature in a sweater is ideal. It’s a very comfortable fit in that you don’t feel as “stuffed” compared to other sweaters. The material is light enough to wear as a regular top, and it’s also thick enough to not need an inside shirt.

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

Save your coins this Cyber Monday

So here’s what you gotta do next: Open your alarm/calendar app on your phone to set a reminder for Cyber Monday with PinkBlush. PLUS, they have a Black Friday sale going on right now, all throughout the weekend! So get those choices ready and put ’em in the bag!

(Disclosure: The review of these sample item reflects my own opinions. I am not being compensated by PinkBlush to write only positive reviews, or by using affiliate links/discount codes.)



LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

LIILY GYAL – Cyber Monday haul feat. PinkBlush

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