PinkBlush continues to impress

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

Hey, guys! I’m back with another round of PinkBlush dresses that I’d like to share with you all. In this post, I’ll be featuring three maxi dresses from their plus size line as part of my collaboration with them, so let’s get started!

If you don’t already know, PinkBlush is a trendy online boutique that carries straight and plus sizes that cater to women in all stages of life, especially maternity. I’ve reviewed three other dresses from PinkBlush – all of which I love – so click here if you’d like to see them.

Olive looks great in all styles

First dress is an olive green, draped 3/4-sleeve maxi dress, and it’s another favorite in my book because of its color! I’ve even already worn it to work a couple of times. Aside from black, I truly believe olive green is another color that looks great on everyone, regardless of skin tone, height, size – you name it!

Just for reference, I’m wearing 3X for all dresses and I’m 5’9″. This olive green dress and the black and pink floral dress (up next) are true to size and are stretchy polyester! The material is also not too thin, so it’s very forgiving with bumps, so there’s no need for spanx!

This dress is so flattering that it can be worn dressed up or down. Also, just like my other PinkBlush dresses, this one hits past my ankles, which has always been a struggle for me with maxi dresses.

Dark and feminine

I’m a sucker for anything dark and floral, so this sash-tie plus maxi dress was definitely a must! This, too, I’ve worn a couple of times to work since I’ve received it just two weeks ago.

Exactly like the olive green dress, this, too, is the perfect length and hits right at the ankles. It’s also breathable and turns many heads! I’ve received non-stop compliments on this one.

Again, I can’t praise the sleeves enough! The one thing I really love about PinkBlush dresses is that sleeves are no issue. I don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll fit around my big arms. Not only that, but the whole ensemble stays comfy!

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

Pom-pom cuteness

If it’s one thing about me, I love trying new styles. And with this round, I took a chance with this pink pom-pom trim off-shoulder plus maxi dress. The pom-pom trim was a major trend over the summer, so I was pretty excited to scoop this up. The fabric is stretchy rayon, so it’s very breathable and great for a casual hangout with friends.

The off-shoulder feature fits really nicely and securely. Normally when I wear off-shoulder pieces, the sleeves eventually slide up, looking like regular sleeves.

My only issue with this piece is that the fabric below the chest, right down to the knees, is very thin. So if you’re uncomfortable with your bumps and curves protruding, this might be something you’d want to consider before buying this dress. Spanx help, but honestly, it’s such a fun piece that’s meant to be enjoyed.

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

PinkBlush doesn’t disappoint

Overall, this package was another hit! And with this being the second round, I can honestly say that PinkBlush really delivers on consistency when it comes to quality. The dresses all comfortably fit – as they should – that I wouldn’t mind wearing them every day. And judging by the fabric and make, I can tell that wearing these pieces often won’t diminish their quality.

(Disclosure: The review of these sample item reflects my own opinions. I am not being compensated by PinkBlush to write only positive reviews, or by using affiliate links/discount codes.)



LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

LIILY GYAL – PinkBlush continues to impress

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