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Sunday Sunset – No. 5

LIILY GYAL: Sunday Sunset – No. 5

(Note: This sunset photo is from earlier in the week. I missed the actual Sunday sunset… on Sunday. Doh!)

Now that August is here, I’m definitely feeling the pressure of managing my time better. With the paper, teaching, blogging, and my car club, there is no doubt I’ll be spread extra thin. So you might be wondering, “Why do you make yourself so busy?” Well, it’s a choice. I’m that type of person who feels as if there aren’t enough hours in a single day. I want to get the most out of my days. I do my best to get as much shit done and spend as much time doing the things I love. It’s good, but it’s also not good because I currently struggle with finding a good work-life balance.

My final weekend of summer break was awesome! I got to eat good food and cruise with my Lethal Legends family. After, some of us plasti-dipped Brick’s wheels black and added red accents while we had some drinks and chesa. I took a bunch of photos, so I’ll post them soon!

But now that teaching is back on the table, I’ve been struggling to shift my bedtime in order to sleep earlier. That’s No. 1 on my to-do list every day that I consistently fail. That’s four hours I’ll need to pull back just so I can wake up at 8 a.m. instead of 11 a.m.

Anyway, I’m going to keep this post short since it’s late (once again). But before I go, I’d like to remind you that everything you do is by choice. Choose to do the things you love, and choose to surround yourself with positive vibes! Also, I’ll be featuring a brand I came across that I absolutely love, so stay tuned!

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